The Public Service Lab’s vision is to play a leading role in the development of public administration research and graduate-student mentoring.


To achieve our vision, The Public Service Lab pursues a three fold mission:

  1. Collaborate

    Serve as a collaborative research incubator for Dr. Robert K. Christensen’s research on public and nonprofit service employees and organizations.

  2. Mentoring

    Provide opportunities for graduate students to be involved in the development of scholarly and practical research. 

  3. Learning

    Serve as a source of meaningful research as well as information about other related work for those studying or interested in public service.


  1. Innovation and Imagination

    Public Service Lab Personnel demonstrate innovative and imaginative thinking.  They master the orthodox but use that as a starting point rather than a destination.

  2. Initiative and Integrity

    Public Service Lab Personnel use their own, high standards to guide them into the unknown.  They don’t wait for others to light the way, but light the way for others.

  3. Communication and Collaboration

    Public Service Lab Personnel understand that their success depends on the success of others.  They openly share, lend assistance, and solicit feedback.